Victory Is Sweet: A Success Story

Victory Is Sweet: A Success Story

victory is sweet: a success storyAbout six months ago, a patient talked to me about how his health was affecting his quality of life. He was constantly feeling tired and exhausted. His energy levels were always low, and he realized he was constantly craving sugar. The patient had been feeling this way for about a year, and he decided it was time for a change.

The Diagnosis

To figure out what was going on, we ran some tests, and one of those tests was for his glycated hemoglobin (HgbA1c) levels. Normally, these levels are less than 5.6%, but for individuals with diabetes, these levels will be over 6.5%. The patient’s level was at 9.8%. Diabetes was the issue at hand.

The Plan

The patient was determined to turn his diabetes around, so we developed a plan to help him do just that. We tackled his diabetes from three angles: medication, diet, and exercise.

I prescribed Metformin, a prescription medication that helps regulate blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. It works by reducing the amount of glucose released from the liver. For the medication to be the most effective, the patient needed to take the pill every day.

As for diet, there were a few changes we had to make. First, I limited the patient’s carb (or sugar) intake to 100gm daily. Then I educated him on the Glycemic Index, a guide that ranks food based on how that food raises your blood sugar levels (you can read all of the details about the Index and how it works by clicking here). Essentially, foods that score low on the Glycemic Index won’t spike your glucose levels. After teaching the patient about the Index, I recommended that he stick to foods with LOW scores.

Finally, the patient had to exercise regularly.

Implementing these changes took some adjusting. It wasn’t always easy to eat right, test blood sugar levels daily, or find time for exercising. But the patient stuck with it, and it didn’t take too long to see the results.


After just one month of treatment, the patient had already lost some weight.

After two and a half months, we saw significant improvement in the patient’s glucose levels (a drop in his HgbA1c from 9.8% to 6.8%).

Now, six months later, the patient has lost over 30 pounds. His HgbA1c levels have dropped even further from 6.8% to 6.4%, which moves him into the category of a well-controlled type 2 diabetic. He feels more energetic, and he’s noticed that he doesn’t crave sugar as much as he used to. Eating right isn’t as hard anymore, either—in fact, he says that he’s eating differently for good now. All in all, he’s turned his health around and is already reaping the benefits!

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