Top 10 Health Conditions That are Affecting Millennials

Health concerns for millennials

Top 10 Health Conditions That are Affecting Millennials

While many people think of the elderly population as being the most at-risk for many health ailments; they are not the only age group that is particularly at-risk for different health conditions. There are a number of health concerns that millennials are specifically at risk for—and the more this age group knows about these potential health risks, the better.

Millennials are individuals born between the years of 1981 and 1996 and while they are relatively young still, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t facing certain health challenges. In fact this age group is facing more potential health issues than generation X did at the same age. This is why awareness is so important. There are nearly 73 million millennials on the planet—and these are the top 10 most common health ailments they face.

Top 10 Health Conditions That Are Affecting Millennials
  1. Major Depression- Mental health issues are very common among millennials, with serious depression being the leading issues. The sooner millennials or their friends and family can spot the signs of depression so they can get help—the better.
  2. Substance Use Disorder- Substance abuse is a very common condition and one that impacts many millennials today. It is important to note that this type of abuse can be both with recreation drugs and prescription drugs as well—with opioid addiction and abuse really on the rise.
  3. Alcohol Use Disorder- Alcohol addiction is a very serious health issue that impacts people of all ages—including millennials. This type of addiction can form over time, so it is important to be on the lookout for different signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse or dependence.
  4. Hypertension- Hypertension, or abnormally high blood pressure is extremely common among millennials. It can come as a state of great psychological stress and is a physical manifestation of the psychological conditions many millennials today face. 
  5. Hyperactivity- Hyperactivity, or more specifically ADHD, can bring about a number of challenges not only for kids growing up, but for adult millennials as well. The good news is, new treatments and medications have been discovered that can help people with this condition live with their hyperactivity.
  6. Psychotic Conditions- The number of millennials being diagnosed with psychotic disorders has grown exponentially over the last few years—the more millennials can do to stay on top of their treatment, the better success they will have with these conditions.
  7. Chron’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis- The number of millennials being diagnosed with this condition is only growing. Conditions such as this, marked by inflamed bowels can cause serious pain, discomfort and dietary issues, but can be treated in many cases.
  8. High Cholesterol- While some millennials may not think they are at risk of high cholesterol due to their age, it is actually increasingly common for adults in this age range, especially in millennials who smoke, don’t exercise, who are obese or who have diabetes (which also made the list).
  9. Tobacco Use Disorder- The third substance abuse on the list is tobacco use disorder. While tobacco addiction is not as common as it was before more information was made available about the dangers of tobacco use—there are still many millennials that have serious tobacco use disorders.
  10. Type 2 Diabetes- Type 2 diabetes is growing fastest among millennials—more than any other age range. Millions of millennials have already been diagnosed with this condition, and while it is manageable it is still not curable.

The more you know about these health conditions that impact millennials, the more that you can be on the lookout for signs and symptoms in order to keep yourself as safe and as healthy as possible. If you have any questions about these issues or want to make an appointment with one of our doctors, contact Continuum Internal Medicine today by calling 817-617-8650.