Real Healthy Snacks to Add to Your Pantry and Fridge

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Real Healthy Snacks to Add to Your Pantry and Fridge

If you are one of the many people out there who loves snacking, then you want to make sure that you are doing what you can to keep your snacking habit a healthy habit. There is nothing wrong with snacking. In fact, many people find it easier to maintain a healthy weight when they snack more and indulge in big meals less. However, while there is nothing wrong with the concept of snacking, it can quickly become an unhealthy habit if you aren’t snacking on the right things.

The best way to keep your snacking habits in check is to make sure that you’ve outfitted your kitchen and pantry with the right things. Here are a few essentials we recommend loading up on so that when you reach for something to curb your appetite, you can make sure you’re reaching for the right thing.

  • Fresh Fruits – They last longer than you think! Apples can last up to 8 weeks in the fridge while grapes and berries can stay fresh for 2-3 weeks. Fruit is the perfect alternative for those with a sweet tooth and a great way to get your daily servings in!
  • Raw Veggies- Next time you want something crunchy to replace a potato chip, give raw veggies a try. Carrots, celery and cabbage can all last around 4 weeks in the fridge and are great snacks.
  • Avocados- These are great snacks that are filled with healthy fats and proteins, and they’re easier to store than many people think. Keep avocados in the pantry until ripe, and if you aren’t ready to eat then, transfer to the refrigerator where you can keep them for an extra 3-5 days.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs- Eggs are an essential for cooking in the kitchen, but they can also be a great snack. Hard boil some eggs while meal-prepping and have them on-hand for your next snack and you can get a filling dose of proteins and nutrients.
  • Greek Yogurt- If you have a bit of a sweet tooth and want something delicious and creamy for a snack, consider Greek Yogurt. It keeps for weeks in your fridge, you can eat it plain or with granola and fruit—and it can be a healthy substitute for cooking.
  • Nuts- A handful of raw, low or unsalted nuts is a great snack for the middle of the day. Nuts can get a bad reputation, but as long as you aren’t eating handfuls of heavily salted (or sweetened) nuts, this is actually one of the best snacks you can have. Plus, they stay fresh in your pantry for a long time.

Here at Continuum Internal Medicine, we know that many people are looking for ways to stay healthy during these uncertain times. While healthy snacks are a great start in building a healthier you, there are many more things you can be doing in order to make sure you are staying as healthy as possible. If you have questions about diet, exercise or other health concerns, make sure to make an appointment with us today by calling 817-617-8650, we are here to help in any way that we can!

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