If Nick Jonas Can Live a Healthy Life with Type 1 Diabetes, So Can You!

If Nick Jonas Can Live a Healthy Life with Type 1 Diabetes, So Can You!

Many people know chart-topping recording artist Nick Jonas for his hit singles and for his rise to fame with the Jonas Brothers. However, what many people don’t know is that the superstar is also living with type 1 diabetes.

Nick was diagnosed on November 16th, 2005, just a few weeks before debuting his first single with the Jonas Brothers, and he quickly started taking insulin every day to survive. He was only 13 years old and about to be thrust into international stardom, yet the singer handled the diagnosis with ease and quickly learned how to take on the challenges of living with type 1 diabetes.

Today, Nick Jonas isn’t only still on top of the charts but he is on top of his health as well, proving that you too can live your best life even with type 1 diabetes. Here are some tips from Jonas’ own experiences with type 1 diabetes that can help you on your journey with this disease.

Always Be Prepared

One of the biggest drawbacks of living with type 1 diabetes is the fact that you always need to be on top of your blood sugar, no matter what challenges your day brings. You never know when low blood sugar may strike, so it is always best to  expect the unexpected, and support from friends and loved ones can only help.

According to Jonas, when he is performing, his guitar tech always has supplies and food on the side of the stage just in case Jonas suffers from low blood sugar while performing. This includes a glucose monitor, some fruit snacks and apple juice.

Take Advantage of New Technologies

One big silver linings for those living with type 1 diabetes is the fact that there are new technologies out there that can help those living with this disease monitor their blood sugar. Nick Jonas uses a glucose monitor known as Dexcom CGM, as is known as a Dexcom Warrior, helping to educate others on the advantages of this monitor. Dexcom gives users a sugar reading every five minutes right on their smart phones.

Make a Change to Your Diet

A healthy, balanced diet can help anyone living with type 1 diabetes. Those with this disease need to be more cautious than anyone about what they put in their diets, but it isn’t just all about sugars. Jonas’ meals are mostly low in carbs and high in protein and he loves healthy snacks like nuts. Omelets, veggies and lean proteins are typically part of his diet along with a healthy exercise routine he is currently living his healthiest life ever.