Internal Medicine Philosophy


At Continuum Internal Medicine our physicians consider it a privilege to be members of our patients’ lives and a gift that they have shared their trust with us. We recognize this as a great responsibility and believe it should be treated as such.


When establishing a medical care plan with our patients, we believe that their needs and concerns must be heard first. We concentrate on the individual sitting in our office and not their presenting symptom. Ordering tests and regurgitating test results is not why we became a practice. Our physicians are here to know, treat, and comfort every patient. We do not see our role as a flash in the pan in a patient’s life but as a point of continuity and care.


“The patient and doctor are a team.” We take this approach when discussing treatment plans and explaining test results. Our goal is to ensure that the patient is engaged in their own health care and can therefore be an active participant. If our patients do not have a good understanding of what we are saying, then we HAVE NOT done our jobs correctly.


Our doctors like to develop a physician-patient relationship where NO question is considered elementary. We enjoy educating our patients on preventative health care and also understanding the importance of discussing important diagnoses, whether acute or chronic, with a clear explanation to ensure that our patient fully understands.


The whole patient is the reason we are here.