How Healthy Are Your Eating Habits?

How Healthy Are Your Eating Habits?

What you eat and put into your body has so much to do with your overall health. How healthy are you really eating on a daily basis? Take this quick, 12-question quiz to determine how healthy your eating habits really are.

  1. Do you consume a variety of foods each day instead of eating the same few foods every day?
  2. If you wanted to have a snack that was 100 calories, would you choose a 7-inch banana over a half a cup of low-fat ice cream?
  3. Do you make sure you have fresh produce such as whole fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet every day?
  4. Do you keep an eye on the portions you are consuming and measure out how much you eat of everything?
  5. Do you tend to choose whole grains over white grains and flour?
  6. Do you read labels for nutrient value instead of just looking at the calories?
  7. Do you eat nuts and fatty fish regularly?
  8. Do you eat only when you are hungry instead of eating for emotional or social reasons?
  9. Are you careful to stay away from trans fats?
  10. Do you avoid binge eating?
  11. Do you watch your sodium intake?
  12. Do you choose real food over supplements?


How Many Times Did You Say “no”?

If you answered “no” four or more times, you may want to visit your health care provider to discuss your eating habits. Your doctor can help you understand the best way to implement lasting, effective changes to your current eating habits.

Smart eating habits can last a lifetime and have a major impact on your health. If you have any questions, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Mai Sharaf by calling 817-617-8650 or schedule an appointment online at continuumtx.com.