Health Quiz: Are You Experiencing Any of These Symptoms of Diabetes?

Health Quiz: Are You Experiencing Any of These Symptoms of Diabetes?

Although diabetes is an increasingly common condition among Americans today, it is unfortunately also a very serious condition as well. There are many people who do not know that they are slowly developing diabetes and aren’t aware of some of the early warning signs of this condition. The earlier that you spot this condition and go in for help, the better off you will be.

The following questions can help you determine if you may be dealing with some of the signs, symptoms and warning signals of diabetes.

  1. Do you find you have increased thirst?
  2. Are you hungry more often especially after eating?
  3. Do you have dry mouth?
  4. Do you urinate more frequently than normal or are you experiencing urine infections?
  5. Are you eating normally yet experiencing unexplained weight loss?
  6. Do you feel weak or tired?
  7. Do you experience blurred vision for no explained reason?
  8. Are you having headaches more often than normal?
  9. Have you recently had an infection or wound that is slow to heal?

How Many Times Did You Say “yes”?

If you answered “yes” three or more times, you may want to visit your health care provider for an exam and to discuss diabetes. If left undiagnosed and untreated, diabetes can lead to other severe health complications including kidney disease, eye disease, nerve damage, amputations, skin issues and vessel damage.

Your doctor can diagnose your symptoms and help you determine whether or not you may be suffering from diabetes.

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