Health Quiz: Are you experiencing stress or anxiety?

Health Quiz: Are you experiencing stress or anxiety?

So many people today assume that stress is simply part of life—a side effect of raising kids, juggling personal lives and maintaining a job. However, stress and anxiety have become a major issue for many people today. It impacts the way that many people are able to live and function and it can severely impact both their personal and professional lives.

If not recognized and then managed or treated, stress and anxiety can precipitate into other medical conditions including insomnia, depression and high blood pressure.

The first step to getting help with this type of debilitating stress and anxiety is recognizing there is a problem.

This quiz is no substitute for a visit to your healthcare provider, but it can help you determine if you need help in managing your stress and anxiety.

  1. Do your feelings of stress keep you up at night?
  2. Does anxiety make it difficult for you to do the things that you once enjoyed?
  3. Does stress or anxiety prevent you from being productive during the day?
  4. Have you had outbursts towards someone you love based on feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety?
  5. Do you feel as though your relationships take too much energy and effort—adding more stress to your life?
  6. Are your day-to-day responsibilities getting to you?
  7. Are there everyday things that trigger uncontrollable feelings of anxiety?
  8. Have you experienced a major life change such as a new baby or divorce that brings on extra feelings of stress?
  9. Have you experienced a traumatic event that brings on lingering feelings of anxiety?
  10. Do you tend to eat junk food, fast food or sweets when you are stressed instead of a well-balanced meal?
  11. Do you drink alcohol regularly to take the edge off after a stressful day?
  12. Do you feel too stressed to exercise or go to the gym?


If you answered “yes” four times or more, then consider making an appointment with your health care provider. Different people cope with demands differently and while some stress and anxiety are normal, if it significantly impacts your life, it is time to get some help. The great news is that treating stress and anxiety varies from person to person, ranging from scheduling “me time” to considering prescription options and your health care provider can help you find the exact treatment that works for you.

If you have any questions about stress or anxiety in your life, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Mai Sharaf by calling 817-617-8650 or schedule an appointment online at continuumtx.com.