10 “Healthy” Snacks That You Should Avoid

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10 “Healthy” Snacks That You Should Avoid

When you are craving a snack to help get you through the day, there is no shortage of different delicious and satisfying treats out there. Most of us, looking to watch our waistline will try to make sure that we reach for a snack that is on the healthier side, and there are plenty of snacks out there that are touted as “healthy” options.

However, many times we may think that the snacks we are reaching for are healthy, when in reality they are heavily processed, filled with sugar or packed with sodium. It can be confusing as you shop for healthy snacks to have on hand for you and your family, which is why we have highlighted 10 common snacks that many people think are healthy, but in reality are foods you should avoid.

  1. Flavored Yogurt- Yogurt is a very popular healthy snack, and while all-natural, plain yogurt is rich in vitamin D, calcium and protein—it is important to be careful when choosing your yogurt. The popular flavored yogurts out there are high in calories and can contain a ton of sugar.
  2. Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter- If you love the taste of peanut butter, but are watching your waistline, it can seem like a good idea to buy a reduced-fat peanut butter option. However, if you are between reduced-fat and regular peanut butter, it is best to go with regular, organic peanut butter.

Typically, when fat is removed from foods like peanut butter, it is then filled with sugars and other processed fillers that aren’t good for you. You are much better off with the monosaturated fat and natural calories of peanut butter.

  1. Protein Bars- You may think that grabbing an energy bar or granola bar to take with you on your commute is a healthy snack option—when in reality, it isn’t. Make sure that you flip the package over and read the labels on these protein bars before you eat them. Chances are they are filled with sugar, salts and preservatives.
  2. Trail Mix- While trail mixes seem like a healthy snack to munch on in the middle of the day—it is important to pay close attention to what is actually in these mixes. Most mixes have salted nuts, sweetened and processed dry fruits and chocolate or candy. It is best to make your own mix of healthier alternatives to keep with you on-the-go.
  3. Flavored Rice Cakes- They may seem light and airy, but flavored rice cakes are filled with sugar. While regular rice cakes do still have sugar and salt in them, they are a much better alternative than the flavored variety. Plus, you can add your own toppings like peanut butter or almond butter to add some flavor.
  4. Pretzels- Many people will reach for a bag of pretzels instead of a bag of chips, thinking they are healthier. However, pretzels are very carb heavy, sugar heavy and covered in salt—most potato chips aren’t even that bad.
  5. Fruit Cups- Fruit cups may seem like a healthy choice, but that is only if you buy fruit in 100% natural juice. Most fruit cocktails are served in syrup which are filled with sugar, calories and artificial flavor.
  6. Veggie Chips- Veggie chips and straws are everywhere right now, and while many people think that they are healthy (because of the veggie moniker) they are typically just as bad for you as a potato chip, and are often filled with proteins and additives.
  7. Granola- This is another food that most people assume is healthy, but make sure that you check for flavors and sweeteners. Most pre-packaged granola you buy at the store is filled with sugar and extra calories.
  8. Deli Meats- Fresh deli meat may seem like a healthy, high-protein snack, but make sure to check the packaging for sodium, nitrates, preservatives and additives. A much healthier alternative is to snack on grilled chicken breast or turkey breast.

If you have questions about maintaining a healthy diet, or are looking for tips on snacks to avoid, and healthy snacks to try, the team here at Continuum Internal Medicine can help. We are here with professional nutritional device that will help you stay your healthiest. Just give u a call at 817-617-8650 to schedule an appointment today.

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